Soul Demise News 1



Deceive The Masses

On May 19th, 2017 Soul Demise return with their new album „Thin Red Line“. To get a first glimpse on the new material, the band unveils the first off that record entitled…

Magenta Harvest News 1



signs with Apostasy Records

If a thought is so strong that it turns a two-men-project into a whole band, it has to be a very infectious one! Magenta Harvest from Finland’s Pietarsaari started out as the brainchild…

Soul Demise News 2



Details for 'Thin Red Line'

Red is one of the most frequently used signal colors in science and in our everyday life. Soul Demise talk about a “Thin Red Line” and they will for sure address something significant. On their…

NTO News 11



Ascending Delusion Tour 2017

In support of their new album “King Delusion”, melodic death metal doomsters Nailed to Obscurity team up with blackened death metal outfit Thulcandra for a co-headliner-tour. Shortly after their…


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