TE News 5



on tour with Ablaze My Sorrow

As This Ending opened the gates to their “Garden Of Death” not only the “Dark Samaritan” was able to escape unobstructed. They returned to the roots of melodic death metal and proved…

Profanity News 1



signs with Apostasy Records

Since 1993, the underground is shaking under the sounds of Profanity. The German tech death three-piece set a heavy mark with their albums “Shadows To Fall” (1997) and…

NTO News 4



Details for 'King Delusion'

An inner voice that tries to tear you apart and that becomes stronger with every moment of despair: “King Delusion”. On their third album the German five-piece Nailed…

Maladie News 6



Teaser for 'Symptoms'

After their albums “Plaque Within” and “Still”, extreme metallers extraordinaire Maladie are unveiling their first ever EP on December 2nd, 2016. But “Symptoms” is not trying…


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