NIG News 1



signs with Apostasy Records

The melodic death metal band NIGHT IN GALES looks back at turbulent times. Their first sign of life, 1995’s EP “Sylphlike”, was already one of the most successful metal-demos of all time …

FOU News 1



signs with Apostasy Records

“Crimson melodic death metal art” – since 2000, Fragments Of Unbecoming define this idea with every piece of their work. Appropriately, they open a new chapter with all their outputs, the last …

Damnation Defaced News 4



Lyric video for 'Mark Of Cain'

Check out the new lyric video from Damnation Defaced for “Mark Of Cain”! On October 6th, 2017, Damnation Defaced’s new concept album “Invader From Beyond” will be finally …

Black Therapy News 7



Playthrough video for 'The Foolishness Of Existence'

Black Therapy is starting to prepare for their upcoming tour with Wintersun and Whispered in September and October. You are now able to watch their new drummer Luca Marini playing …


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