signs with Apostasy Records

The melodic death metal band NIGHT IN GALES looks back at turbulent times. Their first sign of life, 1995’s EP “Sylphlike”, was already one of the most successful metal-demos of all time. Therefore, label-powerhouse Nuclear Blast came into the picture, with whom the quintet signed a deal for a couple of albums. They also toured alongside In Flames, Hypocrisy, Children Of Bodom, Death, Dismember and many others and they played numerous festivals like Rockharz, the Wacken Open Air or the Summer Breeze. After some calmer years, the band returned with 2011’s brilliant album “Five Scars”. But only one year later, long term vocalist Bjoern Gooßes left the band to concentrate completely on his band The Very End.

Last year, the band announced the addition of original vocalist Christian Mueller who also sang on their initial EP “Sylphlike”. He finalized the new album, which marks a distinct step back to the band’s roots. Thus, the songs offer furious melodic twin guitar riffing, driven by technical death metal drumming, topped by a manic frustrated voice that sounds like someone is crucified upside down.

We feel honored to announce that the story of Night In Gales is about to be continued with Apostasy Records. Fans of the early material can expect a proper rejuvenation of the band. Welcome to the family!

The band comments: “We are happy to confirm that NIGHT IN GALES have inked a new worldwide recorddeal with Germany´s finest in Melodic Death Metal: APOSTASY RECORDS!It feels good to be back and we are 100% sure to have the full support of Tomasz and his Team, as these guys are true undergroud-proofed Death Metal maniacs, who run the label with the necessary passion and idealism. We are proud tob e a part of the APOSTASY rooster among brothers in crime like Ablaze My Sorrow, This Ending, Nailed To Obscurity, Burial Vault, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Damnation Defaced, Sign Of Cain, a.m.o.

The new album is ready to release and there will be some exiting news containing more details like album tracklist, coverartwork, editions a.s.o. really soon, so stay tuned for this!

NIG anno 2017



signs with Apostasy Records

“Crimson melodic death metal art” – since 2000, Fragments Of Unbecoming define this idea with every piece of their work. Appropriately, they open a new chapter with all their outputs, the last of which was their album “The Art Of Coming Apart – Chapter V” in 2012. Since then, they unleashed the song “All Light Swallowed” on the 7”-split “Imperial Anthems No. 16” with December Flower.

It’s now time to write the next chapter: “Perdition Portal – Chapter VI”. The new material was mixed and mastered by Kristian Kohlmannslehner in his Kohlekellerstudio (Aborted, Benighted o.a.). We are very proud to announce that the next piece in the puzzle of these Southern German artists will be released via Apostasy Records.

The band itself states:
We are delighted to announce that we joined the Apostasy Records family this autumn and we are looking forward to working with Tomasz Wisniewski and his team.

Welcome to the family, Fragments Of Unbecoming. Stay tuned for further news!



Lyric video for 'Mark Of Cain'

Check out the new lyric video from Damnation Defaced for “Mark Of Cain”! On October 6th, 2017, Damnation Defaced’s new concept album “Invader From Beyond” will be finally released!

Damnation Defaced live:
06.10.17 DE Celle – Buntes Haus
13.10.17 DE Münster – Cafe Sputnik
27.10.17 DE Aurich – JUZ (Schlachtfest)
29.10.17 DE Köln – Valhalla
30.10.17 DE Metzingen – Club Thing
03.11.17 DE Ludwigsfelde – NVA Club
04.11.17 DE Ahrensburg – JuKi42
10.11.17 DE Rheine – Hypothalamus (Supporting ILLDISPOSED)
17.11.17 DE Hamburg – Hebebühne
02.12.17 PL Chorzow – Lesniczowka
03.12.17 PL Breslau/Wroclaw – Przybij Piataka
15.12.17 DE Mainz – M8
10.02.18 DE Bremen – Magazinkeller (Arkham Advertiser Fest)



Playthrough video for 'The Foolishness Of Existence'

Black Therapy is starting to prepare for their upcoming tour with Wintersun and Whispered in September and October. You are now able to watch their new drummer Luca Marini playing “The Foolishness Of Existence” taken from their current album “In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile”. (Notice: The video was done in one take and with the real live-drum-sound.)

Black Therapy live with Wintersun:
09.09. D Leipzig – Hellraiser
10.09. D Hanover – Musikzentrum
11.09. PL Warsaw – Progresja
12.09. PL Gdansk – B90
14.09. EST Tallinn -Rockclub Tapper
15.09. LV Riga – Melna Piektdiena
16.09. LT Vilnius – Rock River Club
17.09. BY Minsk – Re:public
18.09. UA Kiev – Sentrum
20.09. PL Cracow – Kwadrat
21.09. A Graz – PPC
22.09. H Budapest – Barba Negra
23.09. D Regensburg-Obertraubling – Airport
24.09. A Salzburg – Rockhouse
25.09. SLO Ljubljana – Cvetlicarna
27.09. F Colmar- Le Grillen
28.09. CH Lausanne – Les Docks
29.09. A Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm
30.09. A Innsbruck – Hafen
01.10. I Bologna – Zona Roveri
02.10. I Rome – Planet Club
04.10. GR Athens – Piräus 117 Academy
05.10. GR Thessaloniki – Principal Club Theater
06.10. BG Sofia – Club Mixtape 5
07.10. RO Bucharest – Arenele Romane
09.10. HR Zagreb – Tvornica Kulture



Video for 'Goddess Of Machines'

Damnation Defaced use a lot of science-fiction imagery in their newest video “Goddess Of Machines” to make it a lot more fitting with their forthcoming concept-album “Invader From Beyond”. They shot the clip with director David Hambach who also helped the band to create a futuristic sound during the album-production.

As of now, the video is exclusively available on the YouTube-channel of “Der Dunkle Parabelritter”. Check it out!

On October 6th, 2017, the band will unveil the full album around the Darnoc-pilot Daza Znieh.



Video for '...And Then Came The Dust'

The new album “…And Then Came The Dust” from Magenta Harvest will be finally released in a few days. Check out the first official video now!



Studio video for 'Invader From Beyond'

A series of heavy chemical strikes sealed the fate for the planet Niom. The denizens had to flee and find a new home. The desperate quest of finding a new habitable planet forced the Darnocs to transfer their consciousness into the computing unit of a spacecraft. This allowed them to brim over mortality and gain more time. “Invader From Beyond” tells the story of the Darnoc-pilot Daza Znieh who became the last hope for the legacy of the Darnoc from planet Niom.

Today, Damnation Defaced present the title-track as a first glimpse into their new concept album “Invader From Beyond” which will be unveiled on October 6th, 2017.



The Earth Collapses Behind

“The Earth Collapses Behind” is the first single off “To Be Drawn And To Drown” by Sign of Cain. The band around scene-icon Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg (At The Gates, The Lurking Fear) presents a song totally lives up to its name. Starting with sounds of thunder, the song leads into a double-bass-laden riff-storm, which turns into a more and more groove-driven passage that merges into sinister death doom. The perfectly summarizes what the album comes up with!

Besides Tompa, the band consists of scene-veterans Tomer Hasenfratz (guitar, backing vocals: Viscera Trail), Tomy Minas (guitar: The Sin), Tuval Refaeli (drums: Viscera Trail, Equilibrium) and David Mauritzon (bass: Razor Rape). 18 years after its formation the band finally unleashes its debut “To Be Drawn And To Drown”.

„To Be Drawn And To Drown“ will be released on September 22nd, 2017 via Apostasy Records.



signs with Apostasy Records

Since their formation in 2006 (under the moniker Defaced), Damnation Defaced showed a lot of resilience and engagement on the live-sector and made a name on themselves in the (melodic) death metal scene. They already shared the stage with such renowned artists as Sodom, Misery Index, Benighted, Disbelief, Vader (o.a.) and consistently evolved on their albums “Beyond The Pale” and “The Infernal Tremor”. Nevertheless, the evolution they made towards their forthcoming longplayer was unlikely to expect.

We are proud to announce that we are the new home of Damnation Defaced and cannot await to unveil their new material and its fascinating concept. Welcome to the family!

The band itself states:
After years of experience in Germany’s Metal underground scene, we wanted to take the next step. With the new overall concept and the corresponding sound, we were searching for a partner that supports our idea and provides us with a basis that fits well. Apostasy Records definitely hits the mark. We are very grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with a label that is well-known for its great work and its impressive standing in the scene. We can’t wait to unleash our new work together with Tomasz and his team.



An Abode Of Ashes

Atomic warfare threatens us to turn the earth into an abode of ashes. The second single off their forthcoming album “… And Then Came The Dust” by the band featuring Finntroll-vocalist Mathias Lillmåns starts with a black-metal-like intro and turns into a driving bomb that sweeps everything away.

„… And Then Came The Dust“ by Magenta Harvest will be released on September 1st, 2017 via Apostasy Records. The record is the perfect progression of their widely noticed debut “Volatile Waters” (2014). Its haunting artwork was done by Vasco Arts | p2rdesign.com (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Dark Funeral).