finished recordings for new album

While some bands tend to become more and more generic with every release and one can almost set the clock on the arrival of a new record, others are a lot more unpredictable …

Obscenity News 6



return to Apostasy Records

Obscenity have a long and rich history. Since 1989, the Northern Germans stand for classic death metal which impact will be felt. 2012, guitarist Hendrik Bruns revitalized …

Insi News 3



Nach dem Krieg

On August 31st, Insignium go to battle again with their new album “Infamie Und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes Sich Erhebt”. They know very well that after the war means also …

Insignium News 1



signs with Apostasy Records

Already in 1996, Insignium arose from the deepest abysms to let loose their raging and hate-driven black metal on the castigated manhood. After releasing their albums “Insignia Risen” (1999) and …


Apostasy Records is a constantly growing Independent Extreme Metal Label which doesn’t see music as a business but as a passion. This pure and honest credo is the basis for all its work. The label’s own mailorder / shop offers – alongside its own signings such as Lay Down Rotten, Obscenity, Sonic Reign, Overtorture, Black Abyss, Craving, Deadborn, Burial Vault, Von Branden, Nailed to Obscurity, Disparaged, Maladie, Punish and Spheron – music and merchandise by numerous bands of the genres Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, Hard Rock, Doom Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Pagan Metal, Progressive Metal and Speed Metal. Prices and conditions are extremely fair and NSBM is absolutely left out! The Apostasy Shop is an absolutely must for fans and metal addicts, who will definitely find some special treasures!