Burial Vault

(Melodic) Death Metal


Raimund Ennenga – Vocals
Tobias Schaub – Guitars
Alexander Petri – Guitars
Amko Groeneveld – Bass
Immo Groeneveld – Drums

The band Burial Vault was founded in 2006. The musical direction can be described as Melodic Death Metal spiced with Black Metal, Thrash Metal and some progressive influences.

The German band refers to many different atmospheres and topics within their music. Abysses of humanity and history are the lyrical background of their tunes which have a great balance between brutal, melodic and atmospheric parts.
Burial Vault played at bigger festivals alongside Kreator, Behemoth, Dark Tranquillity (to name just a few) but also on smaller stages alongside Drone, Jack Slater, Lay Down Rotten, Disbelief and Sinister (o.a.).

In the past, the band released two EPs: “… There Is No Resort” and “Come To Grief”. Both have been well received by the specialized press and the audiences.

The first album “Ekpyrosis – Periodic Destruction“ was recorded at the renowned Soundlodge with producer Joerg Uken (e.g. Dew-Scented, God Dethroned) and was released in January 2012 via Apostasy Records. Its successor is going to be released on May 24th 2013. This concept album entitled “Incendium” marks a return to the Soundlodge and was inspired by the dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451”. The band shows all of its facets.

As you can see Burial Vault is well-prepared to shake the boards that mean the world!

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