Technical Death Metal


Mario Petrovic – Vocals
Slavek Foltyn – Drums
Jo Morath – Rythm Guitar
Kevin Olasz – Lead Guitar

Since their foundation in 2002, Deadborn look back to a history of success.
Already their debut EP “Decades Of Decapitation” (2004) pounded relentlessly its way through the death metal underground and acclaimed nothing but great and excellent reviews leading to good and steadily growing fan base. The quality of their production, which was done by the guys themselves with producer Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios has reached an undoubtelly brilliant brutal level which makes them stand out from other underground releases. In 2005 already the EP was rereleased under “Sylphony Creations”.

Their first full length “Stigma Eternal” was released in 2007 through Massacre Records and was hailed by press and fans as well. European tours with Disbelief and Graveworm in 2007 and with Hate Eternal, and Cephalic Carnage in 2008, as well a tour with Dying fetus and several festival shows and headliner concerts, blasted the band to an insider tip within the Death Metal scene.

Unerringly DEADBORN always manage it in their own way to find the ideal mix of coarse brutality, varied rhythms and flowing groove that marks every song with an unmistakable stamp that not only fascinates supporters of American-style death metal.

In 2011 DEADBORN have created with producer Christoph Brandes in the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist) again an absolute masterpiece, which is called “Mayhem Machine Maniac” and will be released in April 2012 via Apostasy Records upon mankind.

Slightly rougher and thicker produced than its predecessor the nine songs convince perfectly arranged again by alternating between blast attacks and driving rhythms, combined with brilliant melodies and groovy elements. Songwriting and production slack in the perfect arc between the successful 90’s bands and the modern sound of today.

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