'Recreating Bliss' feat. Terrance Hobbs

New Profanity song “Recreating Bliss” feat. Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation) and Ricky Myers (Disgorge, ex-Suffocation) available for streaming. Enjoy!



Deceive The Masses

On May 19th, 2017 Soul Demise return with their new album „Thin Red Line“. To get a first glimpse on the new material, the band unveils the first off that record entitled “Deceive The Masses”. Starting with a mellow acoustic guitar, the song turns into a melodic death metal inferno. The perfect proof that this band is hungrier than ever. Just check it out!



signs with Apostasy Records

If a thought is so strong that it turns a two-men-project into a whole band, it has to be a very infectious one!

Magenta Harvest from Finland’s Pietarsaari started out as the brainchild of drummer Janne Manninen and guitarist Timo Kontio. Over the years, the band evolved into a quintet, which released a strong death metal-debut: “Volatile Waters” (2014).

Recently, the band was added to the roster of the respected booking-agency Dragon Productions and we are proud to announce that their forthcoming record will be released via Apostasy Records. Stay tuned for more information!

Mathias Lillmåns – Vocals
Timo Hanhikangas – Guitar
Timo Kontio – Guitar
Jonas Frilund – Bass
Janne Manninen – Drums



Details for 'Thin Red Line'

Red is one of the most frequently used signal colors in science and in our everyday life. Soul Demise talk about a “Thin Red Line” and they will for sure address something significant. On their last album “Sindustry” the five Germans showed that they are able to look beyond the boundaries of melodic death metal. This time, they are even more ambitious.

Defying the conventions, all individual instruments were recorded in different studios. Drums were laid down with the help of Christoph Brandes in his Iguana Studios, Dennis Schneider guarded the tracking of the guitar- and bass-parts in the Mainblast Studios and the vocals were recorded in the Rebound Studios under the watchful eyes of Simon Hammer. In the end of the process, Tue Madsen in his Antfarm Studios handled mixing duties and succeeded in creating a very powerful sound, which represents all the strengths of the new material. The band’s musical statement is perfectly visualized within the artwork by Bjoern Gooßes from Killustrations.

“Thin Red Line“ will be released on May 19th, 2017 via Apostasy Records. The color to mark the date is obvious!



Ascending Delusion Tour 2017

In support of their new album “King Delusion”, melodic death metal doomsters Nailed to Obscurity team up with blackened death metal outfit Thulcandra for a co-headliner-tour. Shortly after their European tour as main-support for Dark Tranquillity, the tour kicks off in early May. Here are the dates:

11.05.17 Wien (Austria) – Escape
12.05.17 Graz (Austria) – Explosiv
13.05.17 TBA
14.05.17 Weinheim (Germany) – Café Central
15.05.17 Munich (Germany) – Backstage Club
16.05.17 Berlin (Germany) – Maze
17.05.17 Hamburg (Germany) – Marx
18.05.17 Hannover (Germany) – LUX
19.05.17 Erfurt (Germany) – From Hell
20.05.17 Rheine (Germany) – Hypothalamus



New lineup

With “Atlantis: The New Beginning” Lost Soul released an outstanding musical statement, but it became silent around the Polish death metal outfit over the past year. They decided to calm the atmosphere and to concentrate on writing new material and revisiting the past. The first result of this process is a new line-up. As of now, guitarist, vocalist and mastermind Jacek Grecki is backed-up by guitarist Michał Włosik, bassist Rafał Przewłocki and Rafał Miedziński on drums.

Jacek Grecki states: „Although we have already been playing together for several months, I believe the time has come to officially introduce three new Lost Soul members: Rafał Miedziński on drums, Michał Włosik on guitar and Rafał Przewłocki on bass. With hindsight and after two radical changes of the band’s line-up, I concluded it would be best to cooperate with the people from my home city Wrocław. In this way we can eliminate logistical issues and thus reduce costs of upcoming concerts. The comfort of playing regular rehearsals is also conducive to building team spirit. At the moment, we are finishing work on the new live setlist and we are in the process of working on new material. Wish us luck, support us and follow Lost Soul. A new era begins today!!! Cheers!