Details for 'King Delusion'

An inner voice that tries to tear you apart and that becomes stronger with every moment of despair: “King Delusion”. On their third album the German five-piece Nailed to Obscurity presents itself more diverse than ever before. After the much acclaimed predecessor “Opaque”, they finally open a new musical chapter.

On February 3rd, 2017, “King Delusion” will be released as limited Digipak CD and on vinyl.

01. King Delusion
02. Protean
03. Apnoea
04. Deadening
05. Memento
06. Uncage My Sanity
07. Devoid
08. Desolate Ruin



Teaser for 'Symptoms'

After their albums “Plaque Within” and “Still”, extreme metallers extraordinaire Maladie are unveiling their first ever EP on December 2nd, 2016. But “Symptoms” is not trying to shorten the incubation period. Instead, the plague continues to blaze a complex trail. Check out the teaser to gain insight!



Lyric video for 'She, The Weapon'

Way too often, defenseless souls are being turned into weapons! Black Therapy also know about such an instance. The lyric video for “She, The Weapon” delivers a much deeper insight into their new album „In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile“.



Details for 'In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile'

For all people that way too often feel deep grief and seek desperately for a way out, Black Therapy’s second full-length album delivers the perfect credo: “In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile”.

Besides their self-released EP “Through This Path“, their debut-album “Symptoms Of A Common Sickness” and numerous live-shows (alongside bands like Nile, Ex-Deo, Dark Lunacy, Arch Enemy, Novembre) their EP “The Final Outcome” in 2014 attracts a lot of attention outside of Italy. In the 16th Cellar Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Hideous Divinity) arose their new musical sign of life which comes even closer to the vision of the Italian melodic death metal five-piece.

On December 2nd, 2016, “In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile” will be released via Apostasy Records and provides an insight into the foolishness of existence.

01. Tears Of Innocence
02. In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile
03. The Foolishness Of Existence
04. Stabbed
05. She, The Weapon
06. Paintings Of A Black Ocean
07. Voices In My Head
08. Theogony
09. The Final Outcome
10. Infected



Details for 'By The Storm'

In the eye of the storm! The music from Germany’s Craving carries influences of extreme metal, folk, power metal and classic with it to leave a real battlefield behind. Their self-titled debut and its follow-up “At Dawn” as well as numerous shows and festivals all over Europe (alongside Ensiferum, Equilibrium, o.a.) already proved the strength of the band and their songs. These also won over acts like Helge Stang (ex-Equilibrium), Nils Loeffler (Orden Ogan) and Chris Caffery (Savatage) who did gueat appearances.

On their newest piece of work “By The Storm” the band is feistier than ever with a matured songwriting and a production that leaves enough space for all musical ingredients. Guitarist and singer Ivan Chertov produced the album on his own and once again left the mixing and mastering to Christoph Brandes (Finsterforst, Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz). Their passion for the literature of George R. R. Martin not only inspired their lyrics but it also lead to the idea of doing a cover-version of the “Game Of Thrones”-theme. This bonustrack rounds down the album perfectly.

On 25.11.2016 Craving will take you “By The Storm” with their newest album released via Apostasy Records!



Details for 'Symptoms'

Different. A seemingly simple attribute, that gets new depths with every single release of Maladie. The EP “… symptoms…” reveals a further facet of differentness. Its running-time of nearly 42 minutes and the fact that there’s only one song on it don’t really correlate with the expectations on this format. The contained song “Divinitas – A Journey” also crushes conventions with its combination of unleashed extreme metal fury, mellow passages with pianos, saxophones, oboes and strings as well as polyphonic vocals and choirs. Their musical journey never unveils the next step to the listener which is perfectly shown on the atmospheric artwork (once again created by Remy of Headsplit Design). Maladie are different…

The new EP will be released December 2nd!

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