Track By Track Pt 2

The second part of the track-by-track breakdown of “King Delusion” delivers a deeper insight into the last four songs off the album. The new full-length by Nailed to Obscurity will be released on February 3rd – in less than two weeks – via Apostasy Records.



5 years of Apostasy Records

Today, exactly five years ago, the first two albums were released via Apostasy Records: “Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)” by Burial Vault and the self-titled debut by Craving. A lot of great releases by Deadborn, Maladie, Obscenity, Von Branden, Black Abyss, Overtorture, Sonic Reign, Spheron, Punish, Disparaged, Lay Down Rotten, Crisix, The Duskfall, Alkaloid, Corpse Molester Cult, Lost Soul, Embedded, Path Of Destiny, This Ending, Ablaze My Sorrow and Black Therapy followed. And the hunger is bigger than ever before!

“King Delusion” marks the second album by Nailed To Obscurity on Apostasy Records as well as the 33rd album to date (and it won’t be the last)!

Who likes to complete his collection will find a lot of Apostasy Records releases for a special price now. Thanks all for the first five years in the history of Apostasy Records and all your support!



Track By Track Pt 1

Melodic death metal doomsters Nailed To Obscurity release their new album “King Delusion” on February 3rd via Apostasy Records. In a track-by-track breakdown the band explains the process, the characteristic and the thematic background of each song. Today, they unveil the first of two parts.



New guitarist and guitar playthrough

With a heavy heart, Black Therapy announce that they parted ways with guitarist Daniele Rizzo who co-founded the band together with Lorenzo Carlini (also guitarist).
The band states: „’In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile’ would be a very different album without his contribution and we’ll be forever grateful to him for all the time spent together.

But they stand their ground and welcome Andrea Mataloni as their new member: „Please welcome Andrea Mataloni as the new guitar player of Black Therapy. He’s been a long-time friend of our vocalist Giuseppe and it feels great to have him on board. You can see him in action on this playthrough for ‘Voices In My Head’ from our new album ‘In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile’, out now via Apostasy Records.



'Devoid' online

Injuries, wounds, scars – Marks on your skin and on your soul that draw a picture. But what does it show and will it ever be completed?

“Devoid” allows a further insight into Nailed To Obscurity’s forthcoming album “King Delusion” which presents the melodic death metal outfit more diversified than on their predecessor “Opaque”. They found the perfect sound while working together with producer Victor “Santura” Bullok (Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Obscura, a.o.) in his Woodshed Studio: atmospheric, melancholic but also transparent. The vibe is also captured in the haunting artwork by Argentinian artist Santiago Caruso.



Video for 'King Delusion'

A dark inner voice that tries to get the upper hand with a vengeance just to reign without mercy like a king of ancient times: “King Delusion”.

Today, Nailed To Obscurity unveil their new video and at the same time the first song from their forthcoming album. “King Delusion” shows the Germans from their most sinister side. It reveals a first glimpse on the follow-up to “Opaque” from 2013. The clip was directed by Dirk “The Pixeleye” Belau who also worked with Sanctuary, Psychopunch, AC Angry a.o. on the visual aspect of their music.