New album out now!

The new DEADBORN album “Mayhem Maniac Machine” is available now! Here are some reviews for the new record:

…A varied and sometimes even catchy, yet highly technical and brutal album, Mayhem Maniac Machine is probably the strongest death metal album of the year so far…EMP, Germany

…This band repeatedly blew me away with each song. I will have this album until I DIE, it is that good…Metal Blast (5/5)

…Consisting of nine muscular deliberately combative tracks the album is a deeply satisfying varied and abusive tower of steel. Unrelenting with brutality and direct sonic manipulations Mayhem Maniac Machine hits every one of the senses with an unerring bullseye…RingMaster Review

Head spinning and entertainingly violent.From the Dust Returned

Deadborn has crafted a worthy death metal release that you all should own. They don’t re-invent the wheel; but instead portray a true understanding of the genre and knew how to craft their music accordingly. Treat your ears to some properly crafted technical death metal!Axis of Metal

Feel free to order your copy at Amazon, EMP, Nuclear Blast, or download the album at iTunes and Musicload.de for example. Enjoy it!



It's done!

ma_news_s2After the recordings of “plague within” have taken place in various studios in Germany and Belgium, the album has now been refined by Christoph Brandes with a perfect mix and mastering at the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Deadborn, etc…). Punchy and differentiated, but with the requisite rawness, the sound master once again has shown that he was the perfect choice for the debut of Maladie.
Now that all, the band logo (designed by none other than Sascha Ehrich), the cover artwork (Headsplit Design, Arch Enemy and many more) and the band photo shoot by Bernd Lietz (Playing With Light), has been done, nothings stands the release of “plague within ” in the way. The album will be released this summer. An exact release date will follow soon.

Statement of Björn Köppler, on behalf of Maladie:
“We are all very happy to work together with all these competent people. They carved the last details of the face of Maladie with their work. Our thanks to them at this point!
Furthermore we want to thank the people at Apostasy Records who even made all this possible!
Look forward to a record that is not healthy. It is sick. It is Maladie!”



New song available

db_news2_s“Bionic Abomination”, a brand new song from German death metallers DEADBORN, is available for streaming at this location. The track comes off the group’s forthcoming album, “Mayhem Maniac Machine”, which was recorded at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist…) with producer Christoph Brandes. The new album will be released on april 20.

01. Premises Of Cryonics
02. Profanatic Reanimation
03. Bionic Abomination
04. Insane Motor Cortex
05. Replicants Device
06. Slaves Of Megatron
07. Reinvented Power Process
08. Second Order Cybernetics
09. Kraftwerk D



New album

db_news_sThe Southern German Death Metal institution DEADBORN will unleash their brand new album “Mayhem Maniac Machine” on Apostasy Records in April.
The album was again recorded together with producer Christoph Brandes in Iguana Studios (Necrophagist). Their insane Death Metal, which is a mixture of blastbeats, lunatic rhythmics and sophisticated groove, will convince all fans of extreme metal!

Already with their debut-EP “Decades Of Decapitation” (2004, own production / 2005, Sylphony Creations), their first full-length album “Stigma Eternal” (2007, Massacre Records) and tours with Disbelief and Graveworm, Hate Eternal and Cephalic Carnage, a mini-tour with Dying Fetus as well as numerous headliner shows and appearances on festivals, the band caused quite a stir within the metal scene.

With their second album “Mayhem Maniac Machine” DEADBORN will improve this status and blast themselves to the peak of Death Metal!

Current lineup:
Slavek Foltyn – Drums (ex-Necrophagist)
Jo Morath – Rythm Guitar
Kevin Olasz – Lead Guitar (ex-Jack Slater)
Mario Petrovic – Vocals (ex-Necrophagist)

Get ready for a brutal spring-time!!