signs with Apostasy Records

Since their formation in 2006 (under the moniker Defaced), Damnation Defaced showed a lot of resilience and engagement on the live-sector and made a name on themselves in the (melodic) death metal scene. They already shared the stage with such renowned artists as Sodom, Misery Index, Benighted, Disbelief, Vader (o.a.) and consistently evolved on their albums “Beyond The Pale” and “The Infernal Tremor”. Nevertheless, the evolution they made towards their forthcoming longplayer was unlikely to expect.

We are proud to announce that we are the new home of Damnation Defaced and cannot await to unveil their new material and its fascinating concept. Welcome to the family!

The band itself states:
After years of experience in Germany’s Metal underground scene, we wanted to take the next step. With the new overall concept and the corresponding sound, we were searching for a partner that supports our idea and provides us with a basis that fits well. Apostasy Records definitely hits the mark. We are very grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with a label that is well-known for its great work and its impressive standing in the scene. We can’t wait to unleash our new work together with Tomasz and his team.



An Abode Of Ashes

Atomic warfare threatens us to turn the earth into an abode of ashes. The second single off their forthcoming album “… And Then Came The Dust” by the band featuring Finntroll-vocalist Mathias Lillmåns starts with a black-metal-like intro and turns into a driving bomb that sweeps everything away.

„… And Then Came The Dust“ by Magenta Harvest will be released on September 1st, 2017 via Apostasy Records. The record is the perfect progression of their widely noticed debut “Volatile Waters” (2014). Its haunting artwork was done by Vasco Arts | p2rdesign.com (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Dark Funeral).



Video for 'Desperate Cry'

Times are rough. Underneath the human surface, so many negative emotions are being buried. A hard shell is growing on it, seemingly unbreakable. If all this negativity explodes in a desperate cry, it will often be too late for anyone to hear it.

For their new video „Desperate Cry“, Soul Demise teamed up with Jörg Harms from Black Vision Films to capture the mood of the song and add strong images to it. The song comes off their newest album “Thin Red Line” and it is the perfect first taste for everyone who hasn’t heard the full album yet!



The Murderous Breed

A melody that sticks in your head right away and that is backed up by a bloodcurdling blastbeat-thunder only a few seconds after it appeared first leads into a verse-part which paves the way for a song that reveals more and more musical facets. “The Murderous Breed” shows what Magenta Harvest is able to come up with these days and it’s also the first glimpse of their forthcoming record “… And Then Came The Dust” which will be released on September 1st.



signs with Apostasy Records

Making Music is a form of communication. That is why musicians of all shades always find a way to express themselves together. Sign Of Cain consists of well-known names like Tomer Hasenfratz (guitar, Backing Vocals: Viscera Trail), Tomy Minas (guitar: The Sin), Tuval Refaeli (drums: Viscera Trail, Equilibrium), David Mauritzon (bass: Razorrape) und none other than Tomas Lindberg (vocals: At The Gates, The Lurking Fear). We are very honored to announce that we will put out the first sign of life of this project 18 years after its initial spark in 1999: „To Be Drawn And To Drown“. Old school death metal and doom full of melancholy and sorrowful melodies, which pave their way through painful and repulsive harmonies. The vocals that howl from the depth of despair grabbing your insides while the uncompromising drums pound with wrath and caress every emotion put out on this record.

Welcome to the wicked Apostasy family! More details in short.



Details for '...and then Came the Dust'

On September the 1st, the new album by Magenta Harvest from Finland will be let loose on mankind: “… And Then Came The Dust”! Today, we present to you the artwork by Marcelo Vasco Arts | p2rdesign.com (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Dark Funeral) as well as the tracklist. Stay tuned for further information!

Marcelo on Magenta Harvest: “I listened to Magenta Harvest for the first time on their previous album and they’re a really great band. I’m happy for being chosen as the graphic artist for this new record and I think the cover fits pretty well to the album concept… Well, it speaks for itself! Definitely high-class metal music is coming!

01. Flock of Reckoning
02. The Murderous Breed
03. When Your World Turns to Glass
04. An Abode of Ashes
05. The Search for the Higher Water
06. Signs of Death
07. …and then Came the Dust
08. A Terminal Hymn to Cold
09. The Pane of Eden