Von Branden

Avantgarde Black/Dark Metal



Hate never sounded more beautiful before! Five years after the release of their debut “Scherben” (2007) avant-garde Black Metallers of VON BRANDEN are back! Consisting of members of NIGHTFALL, MANDRAKE and MEPHISTOPHELES this Black Metal machine creates an unbelievable emotional and dismal sound containing a dramatic and haunting atmosphere. Carried by despair, the wish of death and accusing hate, the vocals of singer Sol guide the listener into a world full of tears and melancholy. Multilayer stylistic elements contribute to an individual and typical VON BRANDEN – Sound. For fans of ALCEST, EMPEROR, DEINONYCHUS, LUNAR AURORA, and also EWIGHEIM and MY DYING BRIDE this brand-new killer album is a must-buy!

The VON BRANDEN Dynasty – emotional, haunting and refreshingly different!

“Betrachte ich das Menschenreich, muss dies der Ausweg sein. Wie eure Art vernichte ich, was unbegreiflich scheint – für die nächste Ewigkeit!” – VON BRANDEN 2012

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